Dear Customers

We will be open for business again on Monday 12th April. We have a few announcements/regulations with regards to this 

1.Opening Hours

We will open on Monday 12th April with our normal opening hours of

9am - 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 

9-4 Saturday.

Closed Wednesday & Sunday 

These times may be subject to change so please contact the shop to make sure we are open. 


We are making many changes to stick with government guidelines so ourselves and our customers are all safe. This will include such things as; 

A) Only one Customer being in the shop at a time. This will probably involve Knocking on the door and being let in. We understand that some customers have dependants that may need to accompany them into the shop, we ask that you only do this where absolutely necessary as we are a small shop and only have enough room to efficiently social distance with one customer. 

B) Face Masks areno longer by law manditory instore but we are asking thoses who can to continue to do so .

  They can be briefly removed when ID/Passport e.t.c photos are being taken. Please do not enter the shop until your mask is on. 

C) Kiosk & Products
 Mark/Anthony with handle any products from the shelves as well as be the only people to touch the kiosk screen. 

D) Passport/Blue badge/ID/Driving Licence Photos Passport/Blue badge/ID/Driving Licence Photos will be available but will come with instructions so social distancing can be maintained. 

E) Paying Card/Contactless payment is an option for orders £5 or over. Cash is accepted. 

3.Kiosk Printing

Prints can be ordered instore via the kiosk. This can be done from a memory card, USB stick, CD or Smart phones/tablets with Kodak Moments installed on (see our photo printing from Phones and Tablets section on our website). 

4.Online Ordering

We will be offering a way to order prints online via a custom link. Email; we will then send you the link with some instructions on how to upload them to us.Once we have received the order we will contact you to say price of order and  when they will be ready to collect.This service will probably take a day or two to complete depending on a few variables.

We will keep you up to date with any changes to the above and will keep to government guidelines.

Thank you again for your support during this time.

Mark & Anthony.